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    Q& A with the Chamber


    1. Who is the Chamber?
    The Union Area Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit association of business and professional people. While our original purpose was to serve as a voice for the business community, we’re active today in many other areas as well. For example, we promote business through events and festivals that also benefit the community. 
    2. How big is the Chamber?
    There are approximately 270 members, 1 staff member, and a budget of over $100,000.
    3. Who runs the Chamber?
    Policy is set by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives from all segments of the local business community. Most serve three-year terms (renewable for another term). Policy is executed by the Executive Director who also maintains the day-to-day operations affiliated with the Chamber. 
    4. What’s the best way to get the most from my membership?
    That depends on what you want to get out of your membership. Our most satisfied members are those who attend meetings and activities, and who use the Chamber as a resource for information and business promotion. Chamber activities and meetings are the perfect place to make contacts with potential customers and business partners. The chamber is here to be a resource and provide opportunities for you to grow your business through education, networking, advocacy, etc.
    5. When are meetings held?
    Committees meet at varying times each month. Business After Hours are held upon the business owner’s request. These gatherings are social and business events that bring members together to meet, make new business contacts, and discuss issues with Chamber leaders.  
    Monthly Membership Meetings are held every month, at noon on the third Tuesday. Meetings are held at the Scenic Regional Library and features lunch from a member restaurant, socializing, an update from the Chamber, and a different business-related topic.
    An End of the Year Banquet for members is held every November, featuring dinner, Business Excellence awards, the Long haul Service Award, and a wrap-up of the year/preview of the next year.
    The regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting is held the second Thursday of each month. All members are welcome to attend. 
    6. How do I advertise through the Chamber?
    Our e-newsletter with a mailing list of over 400. Your information can be added and is available at no cost to our members.
    Our Facebook page currently has over 1,300 Likes and is growing.
    The Chamber Membership Mailing List can help you target Chamber members with your own mailing. We can either email you the list or print the list on labels provided by your business.
    Our office has a resource area open to the public. We are proud of our members and want to display their brochures, flyers and business cards. 
    Chamber website that provides a membership directory and lists member’s events on a community calendar. 
    7. How do I join a committee?
    Members are invited to join any committee that fits their needs and interests. Please call the office and speak with one of the staff.  A list of committees is also included on the Investment Information form below.
    8. Does the Chamber endorse political candidates?
    No, Chamber policy is to study and take action on issues that affect our members and/or the community, but to leave the election of candidates to individuals. The Chamber needs to be able to work cooperatively with whoever is elected, and that cannot be accomplished if endorsements are made.
    9. Is the Chamber affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?
    Yes we are! We have also been a member of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce since 1965. As a member of the Union Area Chamber of Commerce, you have access to benefits offered by these organizations including Small Business Group Insurance. 
    10. Do you have a liaison to the City of Union?
    The Chamber has an executive staff member available to assist you with any special needs in working with the different departments at the City of Union and the utility companies. The Chamber also offers City-related resources, such as permit and licensing information on our website.
    11. Do you offer any type of program to benefit students of the community?
    The Chamber provides four scholarships per year to area students beginning college or trade schools. 
    12. Does that conclude the benefits the Chamber has to offer?
    Absolutely not!
    o We also provide our new members a membership plaque to proudly display your membership. Many members look for it while doing business with one another.
    o The Chamber hosts ribbon cuttings for open houses and grand openings, which includes newspaper coverage. 
    o The Chamber has a grand opening banner available for loan to Chamber members at no charge. 
    o Special requests you don’t see above? We can work something out!
    In conclusion, we believe your investment in the Chamber is like holding a share in your future. We are continuously implementing new ideas and programs that are based on suggestions by our members, with the continuous goal of aiding area businesses and contributing to a successful and thriving community. 

    Printable Membership Application




    Member Annual Investment Schedule



    *A processing fee will be added to all credit card payments.


    Banks, Savings & Loan Associations, Utilities, Government and Educational Entities -- $400



    1-10 Employees - $125

    11-25 Employees - $150

    26-50 Employees - $175

    51-100 Employees - $200

    101 to 150 Employees - $250

    151 to 200 Employees - $275

    201 and Over - $300


    Hospitals and Nursing Homes

    Under 125 beds - $175

    125 Beds or more - $300


     Motels/Lodging Establishments -- $150


     Miscellaneous Business Types Not Classified Elsewhere

    1-5 Employees - $100

    6-10 Employees - $125

    11-20 Employees - $175

    21 and Over - $225


    Service Clubs, Churches, and Other Non-Profit Organizations -- $75


     Individuals/Retired -- $50